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I'm actually reading a book right now. Sounds funny, what I'm trying to say is, I bought a new book, it is called the REPOMAN. Repoman is actually a buku yang bertitle Reposession Mambo, and Repoman ni sebenarnya movie kepada buku Reposession Mambo. Why I bought Repoman instead of Reposession Mambo?, easy, because there's Jude Law on the cover of Repoman. haha:DD I kidd. Anyway, it has been, a year since I last finish reading my,, last book,, title,, Mischief. I read alot of horror stories, Stephen Kings, Fear Streets, The Hollow and yea, do laugh out loud, but I read Goosebumps. Books such as Shopaholics or Gossip Girls are, , not to my liking. (if thr wr such word.)

My friend Ayu, introduce me to Nancy Drew, and I kindda like it. But, I dont have any Nancy Drews in my rak buku, I just borrowed them from my friends.

I dont like romance book. I just dont. Romance stories, girls stories are,, ,, not fun. Same story every single time. I hate that.

Im quite picky when it comes to books, but movies, woww, I just enjoy all of them. My family, we are, cinema people. no, that sounds wrong. We are, movie people. We enjoy good movies. I am very happy that my dad enjoy watching Princess and the frog. Some dad just dont like that kind of story. I love how my mum bought 'Another Cinderella Story' without asking me. Watching movies with my parent is the most precious time ever. why? because ussually before movie time, kitorang akan masak together, where my dad pun akan help juga, termasuk I of course. And my mum will be the,, ,, can i say Capten of the Kitchen? it sounds wrong, but fun so,, yea, Capten of the Kitchen it is. sangat best serious.

I dont watch cerita yang tak banyak effect kat wayang. You know, kalau cam cerita drama, and you know story yang macam Wild Child, or Sisters Keeper, Post Grad etc,, I dont watch cerita macam tu kat wayang. But I beli DVD instead:) yea, that explains those boxes of DVDs kt my living room. heee.. Basically, this rule about not to watch slow movie kat wayang di bina oleh my dad. Its like, another way for us to save our money. hehe..

Well, thats basically it. I'm just bored, that why I buat belog ini. Its really not good for me to sit infront of this laptop lama sangat. akan buat I dizzy, so, stop now. bye:)

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