oh! Christiano Ronaldo

And most of my girlfriends are crazy about Christiano Ronaldo, but me. ummph ummph! not my type. at all. and waktu inilah kawan-kawan saya yawn. I mean come on you girls~ He's gay. then diorang cam marah ibarat merak ramai-ramai mau makan, explaining about his hot body and his sense of style. yea,, Metrosexual is deff my type. The way he dressed himself, bagus, minus the short shorts ofcourse. Hot bod is every girls type. But Ronaldo,, you just,, not my type..
because, my opinion on C.R is, ,

This is not metrosexual, this is Gay.

I dont mind the hair, I dont mind the sunglasses, I dont mind the pink shirt, but what bothering me is his super smooth hairless legs. THAT IS WRONG! and what, you put like the whole bottle of Cocoa Butter on you legs, is is that why they're so,, shiny? You were sppouse to wax you car and keep 'em shiny not you legs! those legs are,, unforgiveable . sangat tidak boleh dimaafkan . you're a dude tolong lah.
(and I'm pretty sure his legs are way shinier than his girlfriends' legs,, if he even have a girlfriend.. Im confused now)

This is so gay and nothing is GAY'ER' than this. Except for this one,,

Love the polo shirt, hate the flower. seriously, why? Your body is such a turn on but that flower?? and that,, short shorts?? why? and your hairless legs, again??

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