them BURST picture

I , was, seriously bored while tunggu for my dad datang jemput saya dari melaka yesterday, so, saya bercamwhore dengan Eton secara bersendirian hari tu (sad) without Lala, my camwhore partner and Syaza Razak, my camwhore partner jugak. So yea. I uploaded some gambar, itu pun gambar yang I tangkap untuk tekan burst.

Oh,I didn't tell you. Since my baby Eton doesnt have self'timer, so I terpaksa guna 'burst' instead.

I buat shutter dia slow and buat 10 capture for burst and, walla, camwhoring bersendirian.

I have to do some editing for gambar2 yang lain tho. Its not really about photoshoping my face and turn it into Eva mendez but, my background is just,, super plain, and,, ,, i have to admit, i hate my room back in melaka. So plain and dull.. so, yea.. That is actually the main reason for why I burn my background. tadaaaa:D