once i was

(this picture was taken in the year of 2006(15 years old) after my drama comp at SAAS. person next to me; my bestfriend: Ayu)

I one up a new album on my face book and it is called
"once I was skinny and shapeless".
So, last night I duduk in my room and usha-usha old pictures of me and my friends waktu zaman sekolah and yeap, now I know why people called my Cactus dulu. hoish.
I was kuruskurus back then. not like, super victoria beckham type of skinny, or even kate moss type of skinny but, skinny, ok ok kuruskurus lahh~

and now, gene from my mum dah turun kepada saya and, bloop! I got J.Lo + mama here~ haha:DD and I'm happy with it:). be jelous. haha. I'm not planning to loose weight buat masa terdekat ni, but I do plan to get rid of cellulite yang tidak dikehendaki and dapat muscle, and stay healthy. haiiiyahh!!
Lucky me, I hate cakes and chocolates. so, no worries there, but, chesse.. oohhh,, chesse and creams.. yumm.. ice cream.. sweet sweet sweet killer. hoish. sabar.

anyway~ Sab and I dah buat deal. (its not like I'm on it that much but I'll pretend, haha). next sem, siapa loose weight paling banyak menang. so, sab, be careful huhhh?~
(oh did I tell you about Sab?, dia sangat chubbychubby dulu waktu part one, and now, dang! chubby hot sudah!)

good luck sab, and for those yang skip meals,, ,, trust me honey,
it aint gonna work honey,
aint gonna work. . .

(this picture was taken on my 16th birthday at Cineleasure. person next to me; Farah aka Nadee Mode)

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