SEEDBOMs ialah bom yang sangat freindly. Dia ialah grow, tools for Eco-Warriors and Guerrilla Gardeners. Handmade dari mixture of eco-friendly, locally sourced, organic and recycled materials such as used egg boxes, paper koyak-koyak, compost and a selection of easy to grow flower varieties and native wildflower seeds.
Ia mengandungi semuanya yang awak perlukan to start growing flowers practically anywhere. Use SEEDBOMs to interact with your environment, join forces with nature and brighten up dull and lifeless places in your area by throwing them into derelict land, neglected spaces, fenced off eyesores or even your neighbour’s messy garden and watch them grow! Supaya ianya nampak lebih cantik gitu~ I like!

Malangnya, SEEDBOMs are currently only available di UK. “Etsy is a US site but people in the UK can still order from the site and their payment will be changed into UK pounds through Paypal. I would love to sell in the US but cannot at the moment due to the fact that there are regulations in place for the exportation of seeds and it would be irresponsible of me to send UK native seeds to the US. I only hope I can move things along fast enough to be able to sell a version of seedboms in the US soon as like you say it is a popular idea and I am getting a very good response from people in the US.”

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