my classmate, Hakim is a malay version of Picasso

Being in fine art class is superb horrified! For me. I’m like, so into fashion and shish, but, yet, being here in London, I masuk class fine art. Which appen to be yang I don’t know a single thing about fine art, selain daripada drawing. Je. Colours and their function, segala measurement segala propotion, etc etc. but still,I want to thankmy roomies, Sabby, Lala and Illiot for mengajar I tentang colours and teknik stroke brush untuk kasi Nampak itu movement didalam lukisan(wah gitu!) . andalso to my classmates, DADF2B, thanks gak.

But still, ada jugak lah masa yang bila I think my classmates agak crazy. Like seriously, I don’t mind calling them crazy because so far, crazy yang I maksud kan sebagai, UNIQUELY AWESOME! So, guys, take it as a compliment k. and yeap, the craziness memang takpernah stop bagi kami-kami budak fine art. And dalam gila-gila kat kelas tu, ada lah sorang Master of Craziness, named, Hakim. Dia, super, crazy! Serious. Here some of his drawings.

Ok now, here’s Lily before tengok Hakim’s drawing..

Here’s Lily after tengok Hakim’s drawing..

Ini Alfie before..

Ni after..

Ok, ok fine, maybe tu tak Nampak real, but this one memang real..
Now, ini Naz aka Arou-kun aka Magic-man before tengok Hakim’s drawing..

Aa,, Naz, kite nak awak buat muke happy, bukan,, cam teran-teran..

I mean, happy as in,, happy..

.. alright then,,..

And the nightmare..

(and fyi, Naz ni pun one of the otai kat class yang bajet semua terpegun dengan lukisan dia yang “rawrr” , plus the baby face.. no denial! Hah!)

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