I bedazzled my phonee:))

No, that thing up there is not my phone,, but I did bedazzled my phone~ and I'm super-in-love with my 'huney(phone) all over again.. hehe~
If you knw me since highschool, then for sure you know pasal my 'mermaid phone' (my 'ex'phone, i bedazzled it dgn crystal warna biru, and itu membuatkan my hp nampak mcm sisik ikan, which is why my friends bagi my phone name, mermaid phone).. My 'ex'phone look so AWESOME that orang semua taktau yang sebanarnya my phone tu dah uzur gila(read dekat 'Oh Handphone' , June 2009) and even ada orang yang cakap my phone tu limited edition~ haha, lah sangat kannn~

Well, I buat bedazzled tu because my 'ex'phone
tersangat lah hodoh, and i cant stand the hodohness of my hp, so,, blingbling! hehee~
and now i ada my new phone, and yess dia masih baru, but i just,, i cant help myself from buying that 'blingbling' thinggy~ dia sungguh shinyy~ and preeetttyy~ and AWESOME~~

i mean,, come on~ just look at 'em. inilah love,, baby love!!

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