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as i skodeng2 my myspace,, its been so long since i last log in kt myspace,, i ternmpak my 'friend' punya page.,, not a friend actually, dia macam, ada kna mengena with my family lah, kire macam,, ye lah family jugak lah kan.. but i prefer panggil dia friend because kitorang agak jarang jumpa but once kitorang jumpa, kitorang cam have fun, share our dirty sicrets and,, buat benda yang girls buat lah kan..


i saw her page, and i was like, 'damn, i miss her'.. the old her actually.. as time goes by, this girl, my friend, my family, dia berubah like, DUSH! sekejap.. i seriously miss the old her.. the innocent girl yang soft spoken, , i miss her. but then, i know it will come to this and i am super regret for not stopping her awal-awal dulu.. i thought dia boleh control herself but, i guess not.. and now, i learn something that is,, not everyone can handle culture shock.. esspecially her.. last raya, we met but she didnt even talk to me.. she changed her hair, her looks,, drastically..


and now when i tengok her picture kat myspace, i realise one thing that,, i dont even know gambar siapa yang i tengah tengok sekarang.. .. .. ..

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