Sursurvey HEY!

Do you straighten your hair everyday?
- Aaa, tidak~

Do you worry about the size of your boobs?
- If that's my biggest problem, then, WTH ehh?

What's your favorite girly magazine?
- Seventeen, Vogue, yada yada

Would you kill for chocolate?
- Chocolate? menobigfana'choc:)

Jeans or Skirt?
- Jeans. Black.

Do you wear clothes, shoes, jewelry that's uncomfortable?
- Dulu yes, but now, hell no.. Ok fine, except my extreamly hot-4inches-pencil heels..

Did you ever spend all day/night getting pretty for a guy?
- Eww! Hell no~ terimalah daku seadanya~ (haha skema)

Would you leave the house without makeup on?
- Yess~~ biar dia bernafas for a while~

Do you think lip gloss is the best?
- I actually prefer 'lip moist' product. Cuz' usually lipgloss cam sticky and colour cam tak tahan, while lipsticks are like tahan lama but takde moist lgsung,, so.. yea.. LIP MOIST! colour dan moist!

Do you yell alot?
- ahaha~ not really..

Is pink truly the best color in the world?
- Ughh~ Black is!

Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy?
- No. But Ika penah dressed unlike myself cuz my mom asked me 2.. Sering..

Gold or silver?
- White Gold please:))

Do you dress up too much for holiday?
- Nayy~ Printed T-shirt, Black jeans, Barret, my yellow Converse. Done!

Do you like wearing dresses?
- No~

Do you fall in love easily?
- Ahaha,, so not me~

Do you think you have the best friends ever?
- I dont need two hands~~

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